Walnut Shell

Milled walnut shell is available either in 2kg or 5 kg bags. It can be milled to a coarse, medium or fine sizing. If a very fine size is needed please contact us for further details.

Crushed walnuts Milled Shell

Coarse Walnut shell (crushed) is available for $5.50 per kg + delivery in 5 kg bags.

Crushed walnuts

Walnut shell is a natural slowly biodegradable substance ideal as a long lasting ground cover. As walnut shell is non-absorbent it does not favour the growth of mould or bacteria. For that reason crushed walnut shell is often used as bedding or substrate for birds, reptiles and small animals and, when disposed of after such use, it can become a useful garden mulch.

Because walnut shell is abrasive it helps keep snails away. Its abrasive nature makes walnut shell a useful substance for blast cleaning, polishing and deburring.

Milled walnut shell is used for the stuffing of pin-cushions, abrasive blasting and tumbling/polishing applications.

Delivery costs to Australian locations depend on quantity and postcode.