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Wellwood Wallace

Wellwood WallaceWe sell Australian organic walnuts in shell and first class fresh vacuum packed walnuts. We vacuum pack the shelled walnuts on the day they are cracked to keep them particularly fresh for walnut oil making and for the table. Our walnut oil is cold pressed so that it retains its delicate nutty flavour and preserves the vitamins found in the nuts.

The Wellwood walnut orchard is at 145 Westcotts Road, Wallace 3352, which is near Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Work on the orchard began over twenty five years ago. The trees are still growing in spite of the mixed weather conditions of the last few years.

We have organic and HACCP certification. You can view our certificates by clicking on each logo at the bottom of our web page. 

We sell the walnut shell left over from walnut cracking for a variety of purposes.

Wallace is one of the coldest parts of Victoria in Winter and so is good for walnut trees which need that sort of climate. It is beautiful in summer and can snow in winter. 

Walnuts In Winter